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My class and workshop offerings aim to bring you deeper into yourself and your own connection to Source or Spirit or Intuition (whichever word choice you prefer). I will not make you a 'psychic' a 'medium' or a 'healer', but I will introduce you to your intuition. 

All classes are currently available in person only.

A statue of Buddah showing only the closed eyes, nose and forehead. A fresh, bright green leaf has been placed on it's forehead between the eyes in sharp contrast to the dark stone of the statue.

Usui Reiki Class - Level I 

This course covers the basic theory of what Reiki is, how it works, and the history of Reiki. The techniques learned in this class will facilitate healing on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Learning to heal yourself is the key ingredient to this class.

Class time:  4 hours
Investment: $140 


Healing with the Chakras  101

By learning about the chakras, you will begin to explore, examine, and understand the issues and beliefs associated with each area. 

Class time:  2.5 hours

Investment: $50


Healing with the Chakras - Full Day Workshop

You will be provided with the theory of the 7 main chakras. These energy centres on the body contain our thoughts and beliefs that affect our emotions and behaviours. 

Class time:  6 hours

Investment: $120 


Healing with Crystals 101

In this class you will be introduced to crystals as well as shown specific uses for crystals, and how to use them for the purposes of healing

Class time:  2.5 hours

Investment: $50 


Healing with Crystals - Full Day Workshop

This workshop will introduce you to crystals, use for healing, meditation,  balancing chakras, and how to combine them with a Reiki session.

Class time:  6 hours

Investment: $120 


Healing with Essential Oils 101

This class teaches  the therapeutic properties of essential oils and how to incorporate them into your daily life. Whether you are brand new to aromatherapy, or looking to expand your knowledge, this  is the perfect place to begin.

Class time:  2.5 hours

Investment: $60 


Meditation 101

In this workshop you will learn how your body reacts to stress, benefits of meditation, the different types, and an understanding of how easy it can be.

Class time:  2.5 hours

Investment: $50 


Finding the Path to Self Empowerment 101

With the chaos surrounding us, it is easy to lose focus on what is important in life.  We will go over different tools that will help you stay focused and grounded, allowing you to stay steady in the constant waves of chaos surrounding us.

Class time:  2.5 hours

Investment: $50 


Live Your Visions Now

In this workshop you will learn about ways to manifest, how to use affirmations; how and why they actually work. We will use visualization techniques and then create a vision board of your life. You will leave with a plan and concrete tools to begin living your dreams right away.

Class time:  2.5 hours

Investment: $50


Connecting With Your Angels & Spirit Guides

In this class you will learn the major archangels and the roles they serve, and how to connect with your angels and guides. Learn to open the lines of communication and work with them, to empower you to reach your full potential in life.

Class time:  2.5 hours 

Investment: $50


Mala Workshop

Join us for an inspiring time as we embrace our inner artist while designing your very own Mala. In this workshop you will create your own Mala and learn about the healing properties of crystals and how they change your vibration.  

Class time:  3-4 hours

Investment: $100-$120


Bracelet Making Workshop

In this workshop you will design three bracelets, learn about the healing properties of crystals and how they can change your vibration, how to choose your gemstones depending on your intention and how to cleanse crystals.

Class time:  2 hours

Investment: $70


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